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Luke Howard
Arsenal in the Community
"The book gave me a fantastic insight in to the battles that parents have to face in order to get the support their children should be entitled too. This book highlighted to me how great the need is for each child to be treated as an individual in order to reach their potential and how key the role of adults are in helping children to develop. Having met Guy in the last year I found it inspiring to see the journey he has come on and humbled to think of the level of dedication he has shown to be included in our activities given the difficulties he has faced in the past. Hopefully this book can help all parents to challenge the norms where their children are concerned and will encourage more professionals to explore the values of alternative ways of communicating, teaching and learning."
Dr Clyde Alexander 
"This book illustrates the journey of a mother who first had to understand her sons difficulties. 
She needed to come to terms with this and then proactively help them to achieve their full potential.
The book is written in an empathetic way that brings her challenges to life. It is informative and shows how much a mother can achieve to bring out the best of her children’s ability.
Any parent who has a child with sensory difficulties and disorders should make this essential reading. This book is motivating and informative and will go a long way to help so many children with similar challenges.
Well done, Dana, on making such a difference to the lives of your sons!
Debbie Olley
Carniosacral Therapist
"This is such an informative and inspirational book which I urge all teachers to read. 
This amazing mother has left no stone un-turned to find the right treatments, therapies and programmes in order to help her sons with Sensory Processing Disorder. 
It’s a mine of really useful information and resources for parents of children with Autism, but parents of children with any additional needs will find it helpful. This book also proves that parents really are the experts where their children are concerned. I was particularly interested in the research on neuro-plasticity. This is a book of such hope for us all as it clearly shows that the neural pathways in the brain can indeed re-wire. You don’t need any knowledge of neurology to read this book, though, as it’s all explained in really simple terms and is well laid-out. I’ll be recommending this one to all my colleagues!"
Co-Authored With Dr. Leonard Press Who is Recognized Internationally For His Work In The Field Of Learning-Related Vision Problems.

Inside This FREE Book , Here Are Few Of The Secrets That You'll Be
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  • ​Find ways to reconnect with your child and gain their trust.
  • Understand the early signs and the 'red flags' for early intervention.
  • Transform your knowledge about a range of holistic therapies to achieve maximum results.
  •  Learn how to play with your child (hint - not the way you played as a child with your parents)
  •  Implement new strategies that really work in day to day life.
  •  Get a FREE list of therapists and communities alike to get the support you need.
  •  Learn when is the right time to move on and leave a therapist.
  •  How to to deal with social isolation and extended family critics.
  •  Free tips and activities to engage all senses.
And That's Just A Small Selection Of What You Will Learn In This Book
You'll Also Learn The Strategies That I Use Because they Just Work ! And SO MUCH MORE!
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2.  I have paved my way through hard work and many challenges I came across the years of research and implementation my hope is that this book will help parents to save time and money on their own journey and get faster results.

3.  My main goal is to tell parents and the 'whole world' that change is possible, to give hope and provide support to others.
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